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Work Health and Safety System

GOLD KEY BUILDING SERVICES is committed to providing a safe place of work, safe working methods, and the Provision of safe plant, machinery and equipment in accordance with objectives of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. Safety is considered to be an integral and vital part of the successful performance of any project/job.

Managers and supervisors shall consider the safety and health factor and accident potential involved in all activities performed by their personnel/contractors. The activities shall be planned in such a manner as to avoid accidents.

Supervisors shall ensure that employees/contractors are adequately trained to perform their jobs safely. The direct responsibility for the safe performance of an operation shall rest with the supervisor.

Supervisory efficiency and ability shall be judged by accident prevention performance.

Every employee/sub-contractor is personally responsible to perform their duties, giving primary concern to the safety of the public, their own safety, the safety of their fellow employees, and the property and equipment entrusted in their care. These duties will be assisted by the production of "Safe Work Method Statements" and during the regular tool box meetings.

Employees and contractors shall observe the rules of conduct and safety. They shall take care of safety equipment supplied and ensure its proper use. Observed failure to comply with any part of this policy by an employee or contractor shall be brought to the attention of management for appropriate action.

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